College Education In Florida Just Got More Affordable!

Exciting news for Florida families!

Florida Prepaid just announced a substantial price rollback that pushes prices to the lowest level in 10 years and makes college even more affordable for Florida families.

Many existing Prepaid plan owners will be getting refunds; new participants can choose from plans starting as low as $34 per month.

Prices have been reduced for plans purchased in 2008 or later that have not yet started utilizing benefits. Log into your account at to review any price adjustments or refunds.

Thanks to lower pricing, you may have the option of paying off your plan earlier than expected. Or, you can request a plan refund and roll that amount tax-free into a 529 savings plan to apply it to room and board, books, supplies, computers, or other higher education expenses. The average refund is $2,600.

Florida Prepaid administrators say this reduction was made possible primarily due to continued years of lower than anticipated tuition and fee increases.

Visit Florida Prepaid for additional information. Open Enrollment for new participants runs from from February 1 to April 30, 2024.

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