Janet Yellen Named First Woman Secretary Of The Treasury

Photo: US Treasury


Move over, Hamilton!

She’s not the star of her own Broadway musical (yet) but the big news coming out of Washington is that Janet Yellen was just sworn in as the first woman Secretary of the Treasury.

Before he hit it big on Broadway, Alexander Hamilton was, of course, the first Secretary of the Treasury, serving from 1789-1795.

Yellen is the first person in American history to have led the White House Council of Economic Advisors, the Federal Reserve, and the Treasury Department. Her appointment truly marks a historic moment for women in finance.  She is the first woman to head the Treasury in its 232-year history, according to The New York Times.

I heard Yellen speak after she stepped down from the Fed and was struck by her calm expertise, fair-mindedness, and even-handed approach to economic issues. There is arguably no one in Washington who can equal her depth of on-the-job knowledge and experience.

Here’s a powerful quote from Yellen’s Twitter account, released after her swearing in:

“Economics isn’t just something you find in a textbook. It can be a potent tool to right past wrongs and improve people’s lives. That’s why so many of Treasury’s 84,000 public servants joined the Department. Today, I am proud to be one of them.”

Congratulations, Madam Secretary, on your landmark appointment!

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