Making Your Second Marriage A Success

Photo: PoppyPix/Freepik

Marriage isn’t always easy the first time around, and the same divisive issues can surface in a second marriage.

About one-fifth of all marriages taking place in a given year are between couples where at least one of the spouses has walked down the aisle before.

The good news is that, based on the data available, second marriages seem as likely, or slightly more likely, to succeed as first marriages.

“After a divorce, partners who wait to gain a sense of themselves and what they are looking for have a much better chance of making a second commitment work,” say psychologists interviewed in a recent Wall Street Journal article.

As in all marriages, money in a second marriage can be a source of conflict.  Common sticking points are how to pool – or separate – finances, how much support to provide children from a first marriage, and how to divide expenses and decision-making power between spouses where one earns much more than the other.

It’s important to talk through these issues before they threaten to break apart everything that brought you together in the first place.

To help, former financial planner Gary Foreman, writing in U.S. News & World Report, came up with “18 Financial Tools to Make Your Second Marriage a Success.”  Says Foreman, “Some of these topics may be difficult to discuss. But the sooner you explore these topics and work to resolve disagreements the stronger your marriage will be.”

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