Mari Shares NextGen Money Tips With Claremont McKenna College Students

Thank you again to the Berger Institute at Claremont McKenna College for inviting me to talk to students about “10 Things Your Parents Never Taught You About Money (that you really need to know before you graduate).

It’s always a lot of fun to meet with college students and hear what’s on their minds (even if the meeting takes place virtually via Zoom!). And it’s so rewarding to help young adults get off on the right foot! Small steps they take now can make a big difference as they graduate and move ahead in the “real world.”

The April 9 workshop was geared toward college students, and especially women, who need to master the basics of managing their money and making smart choices in the real world. 95% of all women will be solely responsible for their own or their family’s finances at some point in their lives, yet young women are frequently left out of money conversations when they’re growing up and lag when it comes to financial literacy and money confidence.

We talked about how women are often behind financially before they even earn their diploma, and explored key steps they can take to catch up – and ensure their financial wellness – throughout their professional lives.

What made the biggest impact? It may have been our discussion of Roth IRAs, and how opening a Roth while still in college can help young women get comfortable with investing and start them off building a substantial nest egg for their future.

Thanks, CMC, for the invitation! Look forward to doing it again soon!


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