Quote: Women Need To Look Squarely At What The Financial Future Holds

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“Women themselves must take responsibility for looking squarely at what may be in store for their later years.

We have worked with women who assumed, but did not verify, that they would be OK in retirement, only to find that an insurance policy was canceled, a beneficiary designation was changed, or there was more debt than they realized.”

Eleanor Blayney and Marjorie Fox, “The Facts Of Life For Women Retirees,” Financial Advisor Magazine, April 2020

Financial Tip: We agree completely with Eleanor and Marjorie, two highly experienced CFP® colleagues. You cannot “assume” that everything will work out in the future. Women need the peace of mind of knowing that their plans are in good order. That means verifying all the details and running some “what-if” scenarios to make sure your money will last. Whether you are in a partnership or making your own decisions, every woman needs to truly understand what her financial future holds, and be confident in the decisions she has made. Be careful “delegating” this responsibility to others, and ask a CFP® professional to walk you through a trial run along your retirement path.

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