Why Women Need To Take Charge Of Their Money

Photo: Freepik

Fidelity CEO Abby Johnson has been called one of the most powerful women in finance, so it makes sense that she understands the financial power of women.

Johnson noted in a recent interview that women control an increasingly large share of overall wealth in the United States, and when women begin shopping around for an advisor, one of the first things they say is, “I’d like to work with a woman.”

Johnson has been a lifelong advocate for bringing more women into investment management careers. Women financial advisors understand how important it is for women to take control and feel empowered when handling their finances.   

“9 out of 10 women will be the sole decision-maker in their household on their finances at some point in their life, either due to the death of the spouse, divorce, or because they stayed single over the course of their career,” says Johnson.

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