Women Leading The Way In Investments

Kicking off the Inside ETFs conference in Hollywood, Florida with the Women In ETFs breakfast. Here’s Mari with Gold Sponsors for the event from American Century Investments.

How we’ve grown!

Mari was at a breakfast meeting this week for women financial advisors and investment experts, kicking off the Inside ETFs conference in Hollywood, Florida.

That’s an annual get-together in Florida that attracts 2,000+ professionals from across the country, who come together every year to learn, network and share the latest ideas in ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) and how best to use them in investor portfolios.

The Women in ETFs group that sponsored the breakfast started only a few years back with a few hundred members. Now it’s topping 5,600 participants from all over the world. That morning, the ballroom was full of women – and men supporters too!

We’re proud of the role women advisors play in South Florida firms and look forward to recruiting more women advisors to careers in the financial planning profession.

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