The Information Women Need to Take Charge of Their Financial Lives

Welcome! I’m Mari Adam, and I’ve spent my life helping women invest and work toward financial well-being. I achieved my dream by guiding others towards theirs. After merging my successful financial advisory practice with a major national firm, I still have so much to share. And that’s what Mari Talks Money is all about.

I know that learning more about money can improve financial well-being, reduce money stress and increase your money confidence.

We offer honest, objective information and guidance you can trust. And the focus is always on women and helping them feel competent, capable and confident about their money.

Why Does Mari Talk Money?

My ultimate goal is to help all women find their path to financial independence and security and start living the life they’ve always dreamed of. It’s not an easy thing.

I should know. As a woman, I’ve faced the same challenges women have always dealt with in their personal and professional lives.

I started out many years ago not knowing much about money, investments, or financial planning.

I know from experience what it’s like to be talked down to, and left out of the conversation, because you don’t understand the terminology.

This website is all about helping other women manage those challenges. Please watch this short video to see how.

Master Your Money and Reduce Money Stress

Mari on How to Use This Site


What is Financial Well-Being?

Financial well-being is all about feeling secure in your future and confident that you are on track to meet your money goals. With it, you can be comfortable making money decisions, deal with an unexpected money dilemma, and enjoy the freedom to choose your own path and pursue what is important to you in life.

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